Sale! 2-3kg Natural Himalayan Salt Grey Lamp Set on Wooden Base Free UK Cable Bulb Included

2x2-3kg Natural Himalayan Salt Grey Lamp Set on Wooden Base Free UK Cable Bulb Included

2x2-3kg Natural grey lamps set

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Very RARE SALT crystal .This extraordinary salt crystal lamp provides the home with an exquisite decorative piece. But you don’t have to go on any adventure to hold this natural gem in your hands. The stone is illuminated from the inside, which gives its grey-brown colour the look of amber


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Data sheet

Height 15-18 cm Approx each lamp
Width 15-18cm Approx each lamp
Weight 7-8kg approx Weight of packed boxed
Compositions Himalayan Rock Salt
Styles Natural Shape
Properties Colour:Grey
Accessories 3 pink UK cable and 15 watt bulb and User Manual

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  • Salt products are sold by weight measure not by the height or any other measurement.
  • Pure Salt products comes in various shades of Pale, Orange and Red depends on the colours of the natural rock stone.
  • Pure Himalayan salt should have natural veins and marks but our lamps are tested for the light quality.
  • All product images are provided for illustration purposes and the sent item may vary in apperance.
  • We highly appreciate and strongly advise to discuss any order related problems directly with us before opening any case on PAYPAL System .You will definitely find our support helpful to resolve the issue before you take it to PAYPAL.

Why Buy From Us ?

  • 100% authentic himalayan salt (ISO, HACCP and GMP Certified)
  • NO dodgy lamps, weights and shapes of the lamps are as per specs
  • CE certified cable with fused plug, strong metal clip and Collar
  • CE certified high temperature resistant bulb upto 300 degrees
  • Pure wooden base with Steel screws and No plastic fuss
  • All lamps delivered in airtight Shrink wrapped film
  • Packed in double wall box with instruction manual for easy setup
  • Just contact us and we are happy to resolve any issues with item or delivery
  • If you have any special packaging requirement then contact us prior to order.