Size Guide

These below-mentioned sizes are for closed space or homes but if you want to put a salt lamp in an office, a studio or in some other setting like an open space, a salt lamp that weights more than 40 kilograms is usually recommended. Such lamps are considered to be good for open settings and work there quite efficiently as well. They light up your space like no small lamp can ever do and do their work impressively as well. 


Lamp Weight

Suitable Area (For Guidance)

1-2 KG 50 sqr ft
2-3 KG 70 sqr ft
3-5 KG 100 sqr ft
5-7 KG 120 sqr ft
7-9 KG 150 sqr ft
9-12 KG 180 sqr ft
12-15 KG

210 sqr ft

15-20 KG

260 sqr ft

20-25 KG

320 sqr ft

25-30 KG

350 sqr ft