Himalayan Salt Lamp Tortoise Shape USB Light

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Himalayan Salt USB lights are small lights as compared to the large Himalayan salt lamps. These lights are fitted with either multi-colour LED bulb or Red colour LED bulb. Multi-colour LED bulbs change colours automatically within one minute cycle. Lights provide nice and warm glow when turned on. Lights are multi purpose, they can be kept in the kids room or can go in your room to create a nice romantic atmosphere. They do offer the health benefits to a certain extent when the salt stone is warm a bit. These lights come in different shapes and colours. These lights come with USB cable that can be fitted with any standard USB device. They can be connected with main socket by using a converter but converter is not included. These lights are good to use for indoors and also an ideal gift item.


Dimensions 5 x 5 x 5 Inches
Weight 700g approx.
Colour Rose Pink Salt,White Salt as chooen
Shape Tortoise Shape
Contents 16 Pc in Master BOX


Health Benefits

AIR PURIFICATION - By attracting water vapor, the lamp also traps indoor air pollutants including allergens, mold and bacteria.

REDUCTION IN ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION & AIRBORNE INFECTIONS - Salt lamps balance positive and negative ions, which reduces radiation and airborne infection.

EASES ASTHMA & ALLERGY SYMPTOMS - Himalayan salt is used in inhalers to bring relief to asthma and allergy sufferers.

MOOD BOOSTER & SLEEP PROMOTER - The warm pinkish to orange glow of the salt lamp is a calming and happy presence in a room, which can improve mood and promote sleep.


  • Salt products are sold by weight measure not by the height or any other measurement.
  • Pure Salt products comes in various shades of Pale, Orange and Red depends on the colours of the natural rock stone.
  • Pure Himalayan salt should have natural veins and marks but our lamps are tested for the light quality.
  • Pure Himalayan salt is fragile in nature, Although crafting is done professionally but machine crafted items may have some uneven edges and marks due to this fragile characteristic of salt.
  • All product images are provided for illustration purposes and the sent item may vary in appearance.
  • If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, We offer money back warranty and will take the item back, NO QUESTIONS ASKED !!!

Enjoy The Great Light With Tremendous Glow That Command Attention.

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